National Bully Prevention Week.

I’m a little behind with the blogs, but here’s my review on this website.

I found it very unreliable. Most of the information I could not relate to, and did not understand how it related to actual bullying. For me, it was just one of those “cheesy” websites that people make, who actually don’t connect to what they are promoting. The games bored me easily, and I did not feel like I was earning an understanding of the topic, bullying. I feel this website was merely produced for kids much younger than my age.   On the side, there are polls about bullying. I voted in one, the question was something like “How does bullying make you feel?”. Of course there were choices of your typical, “sad”, “happy”, “upset”, “confused”, etc. So I randomly chose upset, just curious to see the outcome of what other kids have voted. I looked at the results, and realized one of the choices was “hungry”. Yes, HUNGRY. I get the fact that they’re trying to make it kid-friendly and throw in some little humorous jokes into it, but the thing is, there was a good percentage of people who voted that! All that proves is, that ‘good percentage’ did not take this web site seriously. Neither had I. Bullying is a serious problem, and should not come off as silly.

Presidential Election ’08.

For the 2008 Presidential Election…

I would support John McCain.

Yes, I do agree with many republicans and their views, and the definition of a republican itself. I found myself understanding and trusting the beliefs of John McCain, along with many concepts he plans if he were president, very much agreeable. One major problem we have in America is health care. John McCain plans on providing access to health care for all of us. Our nation’s leaders have always talked about reforming health care, McCain believes now is the time to change this. He’s not going to raise taxes on middle class families while Barack Obama and Joe Biden plan on raising taxes. In my opinion, I think with Obama’s policies he states, the economy is definitely going to crumble. For my fellow students who are supporting Obama, consider this, Barack does not have enough experience, evidence coming from his responses I have observed in the debates.
If you are for Obama, you’ll probably find this interesting ;).



Random post.

Okay so, I just watched one of those TV commercial advertisements for a sponge.

A sponge that you could wash your dog with, and it has the shampoo in it.

It’s like, “You just keep reusing this!” How would that make sense? What happens when you used all of the shampoo inside the sponge? It isn’t that big of a sponge, so there can’t be that much of it in it.

And no, there isn’t a “dispenser”.

And no, there aren’t “shampoo cells that grow shampoo” inside the sponge…






But just so you know, if you call in the next 20 minutes you’ll get it in different colors.




Yay colored pet-sponges.

About Me?

My names Meg.

Right now, at this very moment, I’m sitting. I’m upstairs.

My parents are asleep downstairs, and I wanted to go to sleep but I remembered that I had to do this.

Alright, so what should I write about here? I can’t get the link to work that tells me what I’m suppose to write about, so Mr.Bogush tells me to write about the first thing I see.

The only problem is, the first thing I see is the computer screen…

So, I look outside my window. The first thing I see is grass. I see a tree. I see the street. I hear the crickets.

The crickets are loud right now, I never really payed attention to them.

It almost sounds like music. Yes, music.

1. an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color.

(Thank you

There’s a lot of things I don’t pay attention to.

But there’s a lot of things I do pay attention to.

I don’t know where I’m going with this, but whatever.

I’m still realizing aspects about myself I’ve never noticed before.

I over-think everything too much, I analyze every situation before it comes.

I worry too much.

I get too competitive in sports.

I care too much.

I don’t care enough.

I’m loud.

I’m too random to write this right now.

I feel like going to sleep. rawr.

My blog’s going to be different than everyone else’s 8923739842 paragraph blogs telling about themselves. rawr.

But I guess that’s me, different from everyone else. rawr.

My dad just ran up the stairs and told me to go to sleep. 🙂

So I guess that’s it…

Maybe I’ll fix this tomorrow morning. Maybe.

Probably not.

Good night.

… stubc09


Ignorance conflicts with misscommunication, this is how the problems of 9/11 came to be.           From Boston to Los Angeles, the plane departed from Boston’s Logan airport at about 8:00. It hit the north tower between the 95th and the 103rd floor.

Thousands of people were at their desks in both of the towers, not expecting any disaster to come. Some who worked in the crash zone were killed instantly. Those on the floors above were already doomed, considering their routes to exit were blocked by fire.

What I wonder about is, what was running through the terrorists’ minds while the process was going? How could they be so selfish, so evil? As the buildings collapsed down, taking innocent, irreplacable lives with it.

“Freedom was attacked by a faceless coward today.” – George W. Bush