8th Grade Year

My eighth grade year was different than every other year. In good ways or bad ways, I know I learned a lot. I have experiences I can now take away, and build off of in the future. This year was definitely a turning point in my life. My teachers didn’t act like “teachers”, more like welcoming friends that guided me torward the right direction. The memories I have aren’t many, but they taught me more than you’d think. I showed myself so many new aspects about myself I wasn’t aware of before. Social studies class obviously allowed me to express myself, including my talents and proving my ability to do way more than I believed I could.  I wish I had done some things differently. I wish I tried harder than I did, because I know I would’ve had better outcomes. I knew this whole year that I could impress any teacher with some effort put into it, which I did. Sometimes I would lay back and wonder what would happen if I tried to take a quiz or test with no preparation. It sounds like I was lazy, but I found out some flaws in myself, and even some impressive things. But the most important thing that happened in my last year of middle school, is that I found out who I am and who I want to be. After each day goes by, I’m starting to notice that they’re becoming the same person… and that’s one of the best things I’ve accomplished.

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