“What do random acts of kindness mean to you?”
I’ve read other bloggers’ posts on this topic, and I was surprised. I didn’t realize how many different ways you can interpret it, (although most said things like “It’s a nice thing you do for someone, randomly.”) So, I’ve concluded that it can mean several different things. It really depends on what ‘task’ you complete. Whether it’s holding the door for someone, complimenting someone, standing up for someone, thanking your parents, etc. It may be “random”, but after doing it so much, it should become a natural thing. After all, random acts of kindness really should already be acts we already fulfill daily. But when given the task to go out and do it, randomly, we seem to enjoy the feeling more.

It should be something everyone does, occasionally. (And more likely, something people do without intention.) We all can agree on ourselves being sometimes too selfish, and sometimes we think about ourselves and our own feelings rather than others. Therefore, being given the challenge of completing random acts of kindness, it will prevent us from doing so and allow us to be kind.

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