A Wonderful Place

This is my response to this post about wonderful places.


When I think about a wonderful place, I think it would be a place of peace and happiness. It would be a place of acceptance. A place where there’s no worries, a place full of new discoveries, a place where all you need is love. This wonderful place would have music, everywhere. I’d want it to be a place that everyone could feel at home going to, because it would have no trouble, depression, judgement, or sadness. Everyone there could be true to themselves along with everyone else. Everyone would be happy.

I have not found this place yet.

4 thoughts on “A Wonderful Place”

  1. Hi Meghane!
    This place yo have just described is Paradise!
    I think we find it whenever we are feeling that happiness and peace that only the people that love us truly can inspire us and share with us.
    In this sense, the spacial location of this wonderful place is not so important 🙂
    stora Ines

  2. G’day Meg,
    I welcome you to the 2009 student blogging challenge. It will begin in March and all activities will be on my class blog http://wyatt67.edublogs.org Also on the same class blog on the right hand side above my avatar will be a list of all the participants which will make it easy for you to visit other student blogs.

  3. Great piece Meg I enjoyed it. This place that you and all of us are longing after is a highly enjoyed place called heaven. If we repent our sins and ask God into our hearts we can make it to his place and spend eternity with God in paradise, with no worries or fears.

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