Speech of mine

                My fellow Americans, let today be the first day of a new, improved America.  Now is the time for change.  Eight years of more of the same is enough.  We must recharge America.  Our economy is near rock bottom.  Our citizens are living in poverty.  Our sons and daughters are dying in a war every day.  The students in our schools are in need of better programs.  As your President, I am committed to the revitalization of American and the rejuvenation of the American spirit.  I am focused on change.

                We all understand that America is in the midst of crisis. Today we as Americans face the daily struggles of sending our troops out at war,  dealing with our weakening economy, poverty, over-expensed health care, etc. These obstacles are real. They are serious, there are many.  I believe now is the time for change, and change, is what will be met.

                We are a strong nation. We have endured many hardships. It’s time for us Americans to help out other Americans. Yes, there is much work to be done. But we will never give up, because we are the strongest nation, let’s continue to be true to this title. Let’s start by building a new foundation for the growth of our country. Let’s restore science, let’s discover new ways to fuel our energy for our factories. Let’s find new ways of transportation. We all are aware of the issues, and we all know it’s impossible to do alone. Join me, America. We are one nation; we can do anything we put our mind to. Help me as we rebuild our country. All we can possibly need to fulfill this task – determination combining with perseverance.

            We need to take our experiences of the past, our knowledge of our present, and our hope of the future to reclaim our place at the top.  Together, let’s feed our hungry, house our homeless, employ our jobless and heal our sick.  Let us focus on our people without losing sight of our less fortunate in other countries.  We need to take back our neighborhoods and schools – fight the war on drugs and violence in a united effort.  Americans must protect our children from predators, assuring that such evil will be punished.  The family unit needs to be strengthened.  Personal responsibility must be reinforced. We need to put our citizens back to work. It is time to buy and sell American.

Change – to become or make different.  Yes, we need to change.  America needs to become a nation of strength, tolerance and patriotism.  We need not be Irish-Americans, Italian-Americans, Polish-Americans, nor any of the like anymore.  We are Americans.  We are a great nation.  We are the future.  We are hope.  And I am YOUR President.

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